Services Provided

Industrial Hygiene

  • Industrial hygiene surveys
  • Workplace exposure surveys
  • Air monitoring and sampling
  • OSHA Compliance Programs – Development & Implementation
    – Exposure Assessments
    – Respirator Programs with Training & Fit-testing
    – Occupational Hearing Loss Programs
    – Hazard Communications
    – Personal Protective Equipment
    – Chemical specific monitoring & compliance
    (e.g. chromium, lead, arsenic, mercury, vinyl
    chloride, pesticides, latex, volatile organic vapors, etc.

Indoor Air Quality

  • Indoor air quality surveys and investigations
  • Organic vapor intrusion surveys
  • EPA T0-15 sampling
  • Mold and bacteria surveys (bioaerosol sampling)
  • Office and residential air quality monitoring
  • Odor investigations

Safety Programs

  • OSHA health and safety compliance audits
  • Health and safety inspections
  • OSHA compliance program development and implementation
  • Community noise surveys
  • Health and safety training
  • HAZWOPER training
  • Emergency response training and drills
  • Hazardous site health and safety plans (HASPs)